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 Micr’Eau installs flares and biogas storage into energy-efficient treatment plants for sludge and green waste

Biogas storage


For the past 20 years, Micr’Eau has been marketing and installing Sattler gasholders, the world leader for soft membrane technology.

With Sattler, Micr’Eau was able to equip capital cities such as Paris, Santiago de Chile, Brussels in order to convert their sludge into valuable energy.

With more than 50 installations, Micr’Eau is the leader in France for the municipal sector.

Biogas purification


Micr’Eau has entered into an agreement with the Dutch company Brigth Biomethane to offer its industrial and municipal customers a biogas upgrading solution to produce methane for injection into the gas grid.

Brigth Biomethane is one of the European leaders in biomethane purification and has been a pioneer in the biogas market for 10 years.

It has more than 100 references to its assets in Europe and France, using EVONIK membrane filtration (Germany), the world leader in CO2/CH4 gas separation.




For the past 5 years, Hofstetter has joined Micr’Eau and its partner Sattler to offer a global biogas management solution: the flare burning excess biogas stored before release to the atmosphere.

Several well-known clients have chosen to work with Hofstetter and Micr’Eau, such as: SIAAP, Suez, Véolia ,…


Biogas treatment and odor removal


Micr’Eau offers biogas and air purification solutions to eliminate components such as H2S, NOX, VOCs, harmful in large quantities in the air or biogas.

Through its research programs such as Bioshell (purification on media shells), Micr’Eau offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to remove these pollutants.

It has installed a dozen units at the SIAAP site in Achères.