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Renewable energy

Green hydrogen and solar panels

Green hydrogen

Our company present in Chile had to think about the potential of green hydrogen, which is a real challenge for companies wishing to develop clean energies.

This is why we have partnered with H2SYS , Belfortian company, producer of electric generators based on green hydrogen to distribute this electric generator free of any noise and carbon contamination and producer of water


For a mobile unit generating energy (2/5 KW)


For larger units in terms of power consumption
The projects targeted internationally are turnkey projects where we combine water treatment and green energy: small mobile arsenic treatment unit and BOXHY or Reverse Osmosis and THytan for brackish water or seawater projects.
An example of a project recently won thanks to the French State: the FASEP decarbonized economy in Chile where we equip a mining center with a BOXHYNet unit for local energy production needs.

Project duration 15 months and co-financing MINEFI 0.5 Meuros

H2SYS at 20h of TF1

Mobile solar panel units and autonomous power generation

We use the solar resource to generate a second source of energy that is readily available and at a lower cost in an isolated site

We work with ECOSUN Innovations, French leader in mobile solutions that can be deployed in a few hours on an isolated site.

These units built in Alsace combine robustness and simplicity of installation thanks to its retractable and removable panels, installed in a container storing and returning itself the energy produced from solar energy.

Target clientele: mining companies with their life base (production capacity 10 to 140 KW installed)