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Drinking Water

Micr’Eau offers compact technologies for ground water and rivers, and desalination plants



Thanks to its Arsepur ® adsorption filtration process, Micr’Eau is the French leader in the treatment of arsenic in drinking water with more than 70 plants worldwide (Europe, South America, Asia)

It has designed and built units of 2 to 560 m3/hour for capital cities such as Santiago de Chile

Micr'Eau compact plant


Micr’Eau designs compact modular and transportable skid units to meet any treatment needs from 0 to 200 m3/hour. 

These plants include a clotting, filtration and disinfection stage to treat any type of groundwater and river.

Reverse osmosis plant


In the case of spring or seawater, Micr’Eau offers membrane units, modular in container or on skid to produce ultra-filtered or osmosis drinking water.

Through its partnership with Corsa, Micr’Eau has moved to South America in this growing sector